Get neuroscience on your side. Changing your brain will change your life. Neuorfeedback has been studied for more than 60 years and is well established as a safe, game changer for those experiencing a number of mental and physical health symptoms that prevent living your life to the fullest.

We use the state-of-the-art Brainpaint©️ Neurofeedback System, designed by our longtime friend, Bill Scott, Ph.D.. This system is one of the best low frequency systems in operation outside a hospital setting.

Are you ready to balance your brain?

Neurofeedback Offers Brain Health and Brain Balance to All
(2 yrs. to 120 yrs.)

Everyone deserves access to their best self. We all want to be happy and experience our full potential. Unbalanced brainwaves are responsible for much of what holds us back.

Neurofeedback trains your brain into balance. It teaches your brain to self-regulate. Self-regulation allows your brain to perform smoothly and function effectively. This helps your nervous system shift into appropriate states, stabilize uncomfortable and dysregulated physiological symptoms, and strengthen appropriate brain performances. Neurofeedback trains you brain for optimal health, function, and mental wellness.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you or  your child can get relief from any number of stubborn symptoms and behaviors that nothing else seems to help. We use the state-of-the-art BrainPaint©️ Neurofeedback System to support recovery from trauma, birth and brain injuries, and executive function issues.

Bill Scott, PhD, is a good friend of The Attach Place and he is also the creator of the BrainPaint©️ System. Together we can offer you this highly effective emotion regulation system. We think Bill is a genius, and you will, too, after you receive neurofeedback with his system.

"I just want to feel better."

People seeking therapy just want to feel better. Fortunately, there are brainwaves that are related to our feelings (both good and bad) that cause us to have reactions to people, places, and experiences. Our licensed clinicians assess you through a battery of evidence-based questions derived from a large, highly effective UCLA study to determine protocols that prioritize the training of specific brainwaves related to better brain health, emotion regulation, executive function, and performance.

Bessel vander Kolk, leading Trauma Researcher, endorses Neurofeedback To Heal Attachment Challenges/Trauma in children and adults

Neurofeedback Paves the Way for Healing Attachment/Trauma Dysregulation Symptoms

One of the major issues facing traumatized, attachment-challenged children and their families is the, almost impossible to repair, emotion regulation disturbance within and between family members. Neurofeedback, also known as brainwave training, can collapse the resistance to emotional engagement, increase the acceptance of parental guidance, and further the embrace of reciprocal affection. Neurofeedback changes relationships every day, even when there may be little motivation to change at the start.

Wow! Better than the statistics on medication for the alleviation of similar symptoms.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has announced that biofeedback is now a “Level 1 – Best Support” intervention for Attention and Hyperactivity Behavior issues. The AAP determines the levels of evidence-based treatments for children and adolescents as a guide for physicians and practitioners.

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